Travel Diary: Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, & Montreal)

In July, I went on a mini vacation to Canada. This was my second time in The Great White North as I’ve visited Vancouver (BC) back in 2012. This time around, I explored the Eastern Coast and hit up Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. A lot happened during my week in Canada and I don’t want to overload you with a super detailed post, so here’s a summary of my trip.

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Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea (2017)

My second trip to Asia was supposed to be all about Japan. I was not planning on visiting Seoul, Korea but the idea of not going back to this vibrant city didn’t sit well with me. I left for Seoul on the 25th of May after spending 4 days in Tokyo. My flight to Seoul was pleasant but I was feeling a bit anxious about getting to my Airbnb apartment. Last time I came to Seoul (in 2014), my friend Hailey picked me up at the airport and accompanied me to my hostel. This time, she was out-of-town and my other friends weren’t available to pick me up, so I had to figure it out on my own. In addition to stressing out over transportation, I had to pick up my pocket WIFI and get a T-Money card (subway card) before catching the last train to the city. Luckily things went smoothly and I made it to my place in one piece.

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Travel Diary: Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, & Kyoto)

Before I left for Japan, I promised myself I would blog daily. However, I had an overwhelming itinerary and jet lag was super brutal, especially considering I had 2 long layovers prior to flying to Japan. With that said, I still want to document my trip, even though this post won’t be as detailed as my previous travel ones.  Without further a due, let’s find out how spent my time in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

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Travel Diary: Englewood, NJ & NYC

I landed in Newark airport last Thursday evening and I was welcomed by the frigid embrace of winter. Feeling the cold winter air all over my face and body reminded me of my time living in Brussels which brought a warm smile to my face… “Good times”, I thought to myself. After a couple of minutes of wandering around, I managed to find my friend, Felicia, and we headed to her place. Felicia had to work the following morning but we made plans to crab dinner with another friend at a local Cuban restaurant. After dinner, we went to a nearby coffee shop and listened to live Jazz. We ended up staying there for almost two hours before calling it a night.

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