The Best Dry Shampoo for oily hair – Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Review

With the current pandemic bringing the world to a stop and forcing most of us to stay home, it can be difficult not to turn into a slob. Haircare is often the first thing we might neglect when we’re feeling lazy and unproductive. During such time, we often rely on dry shampoos to increase time between washes. If you have oily hair, Klorane dry Shampoo with Nettle will keep your day 3 hair looking fresh and fluffy! Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

I have curly (4C texture) and oily hair and like many people with curly/oily combination hair, I’ve tried my fair share of various dry shampoos only to be left disappointed. While some did alright, most left me frustrated. If the dry shampoo didn’t dry out my hair, it most certainly left residue, and it also left my hair smelling strange. After almost giving up on finding the perfect dry shampoo, I came across the French brand Klorane at Sephora. Klorane is known for its dry shampoo with oat milk, which I initially tried and enjoyed but I highly recommend to anyone who has normal to dry hair. After much research, I decided to give Klorane dry Shampoo with Nettle a try and I never looked back!

In addition to controlling sebum, this dry shampoo soothes dry and itchy scalps, is fragrance free, and doesn’t leave residue; you will LOVE it! The only “negative” aspect of this product is the price, which varies from $10 to $29 (for 1.0 fl oz to 5.6 fl. oz). I know that’s a lot but I truly believe that the quality of the product and the results you’ll get definitely make up for the cost.

Have you tried this dry shampoo before? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comment section.

♡ – Nikee

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