Long time no talk…

Hello – Bonjour! It’s been a while since I last posted something on here, a little over a year to be precise… Unbelievable! I tried very hard not to neglect this space because it brings me joy but I haven’t had time or energy to write due to a few reasons.

HAVING A NEW JOB – I’ve never mentioned this but I used to work overnight. After 3 years of working the graveyard shift, I could no longer function and desperately needed to find something else. In February, I managed to transfer to a different department where I now work the usual day shift (8-5pm). However, the effects of having worked overnight still haunt me which means I am ALWAYS tired!

TAKING A CLASS – Despite feeling exhausted, I really wanted to take a French class to polish my French skills. You may not know this but I am a French native speaker. I grew up speaking French because I lived in Congo (DRC) and Belgium prior to moving to the US. Unfortunately, I don’t get to speak it as much in America so I thought taking a course would be helpful. I ended up taking a graduate level class about postcolonial Paris at NC State University (Go pack!). I really enjoyed taking this class and it has inspired me to add a French section on my blog which I will name “En françaiss’il vous plaît” ( it translates to “say it in French please).” Do check it out if you’re learning French and want to improve your reading and understanding skills!

OUT THERE LIVING – I’ve been primarily absent because I’ve been enjoying life. After starting my new job, I needed to take a break from social media in order to “recenter” myself and “readujst” to a normal work/ life schedule. During this time, I traveled a lot locally and managed to go to Philadelphia. Additionally, I got back to taking care of myself (spiritually, mentally, and physically) which led me to coming up with a list of future goals.

These are a few reasons I went MIA but I hope to post frequently next year because I really enjoy expressing thoughts on here. Meanwhile, if you want to know what I’m up to, visit me on Instagram (@migratingplaces), I am more present there.

♡ – Nikee

5 thoughts on “Long time no talk…”

  1. This blog is so editorial looking!!! Great job and thanks for the product review!! U know I always look for some good dry shampoos

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