Travel Diary: Englewood, NJ & NYC

I landed in Newark airport last Thursday evening and I was welcomed by the frigid embrace of winter. Feeling the cold winter air all over my face and body reminded me of my time living in Brussels which brought a warm smile to my face… “Good times”, I thought to myself. After a couple of minutes of wandering around, I managed to find my friend , Felicia, and we headed to her place. Our itinerary was light on Friday since she had to work during the day, so we just decided to crab dinner with another friend at a banging Cuban restaurant. After dinner, we went to a nearby coffee shop and listened to a group of musician play Jazz. We ended up staying there for almost two hours before calling it a night.

On Saturday morning, I got to meet some of Felicia’s friends and later that evening we went to a Korean karaoke place in Fort Lee, NJ  with some of them and had a blast. There, I also got to taste Korean fried chicken for the first time, which was soooo good! On Sunday morning, I spent time with another friend of mine, Mari who also introduced me to some of her friends. I also had a great time with them even though we didn’t do much. I spend the rest of my day running errand with Felicia, which I loved because I got to see more of Englewood.

On Monday, we decided to go to the city to hang out with a couple of her friends. It felt great being back in the city and exploring it with such fun company! After dinner, we said our goodbyes and Felicia and I went back to Englewood, where we got some comfort food to munch on during the blizzard that awaited us on Tuesday.


As expected, the blizzard came and was very powerful! Thankfully we didn’t lose power but it did snow a lot. Later that night, Felicia and I spent an hour digging her car out the drive way. After that draining yet fun experience , we were both to exhausted to do much so we just relaxed the night away. I flew back home earlier this morning. I figured it would be best to write this post before I get to lazy. I really enjoyed my time in Englewood (& NYC). I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the area and the city, of course.

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