Travel Diary: Taipei, Taiwan (Day 4)

I spent my last day in Taipei exploring the city and shopping for some gift. After going to back to my hostel to grab my luggage and to change, I headed to the airport. Unfortunately, I got miserably lost at Taipei Station and ended up missing my train and my flight. Luckily a very kind Taiwanese man who spoke English helped me get in contact with an agent from my airline company. He reassured me that I could still catch my flight back to the USA in Manila (Philippines) via another flight that was leaving Taipei later that evening.  Long story short, I made it to Manila in one piece and I was able to get to catch my flight back to the USA.

My stay in Taiwan was a bit overwhelming mainly because I didn’t know the language and much about the culture. However, I am glad I went because it was a wonderful experience! I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about myself! Next time I go, I will make sure to go with someone who speaks Chinese fluently  and who knows all the cool spots because I feel like there is more to be discovered.

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