Travel Diary: Taipei, Taiwan (Day 2&3)

I did a lot of exploring on my second day  in Taipei with some of the guests from my hostel (one of them was one of my roommates). We weren’t supposed to hang out together but we ended up running into each other at a market near the hostel. I was super glad to see them because I was having the hardest time finding my way around and communicating with people (the little bit of Chinese I learned for a semester was no where to be found).

We ended up having breakfast together and exploring the city. We went to Ximending (a popular shopping district), Bopiliao street (known for its ancient architecture) and had lunch together. After that we parted ways for the day and I went to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. There, I met a Korean tourist who was super sweet and we ended up doing a bit of sightseeing together. We had tea together and we chatted for a while. Later I went back to my hostel to get ready to meet some of my friends who live in Taipei. Once I met them, we ended up having dinner together and we had a great time.

The next day, I started my day by doing some solo exploring. I went to see Taipei 101 and Daan Park. Later I met my friends and hang with them for a while. After that I went to this park area near a market by the water outside of the city  where I relaxed for a bit (I think it’s called riverside park..). While I was doing some people watch, I met an African American English teacher and we chatted for a bit. After she left for her class, I went to do some shopping in the nearby market before I went to Shilin night market and after a few hours of walking around I went back to my hostel.

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