Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea (Day 4 & 5)

I spent most of my fourth day in Seoul exploring the city. I went to Buchon Hanok Village where I took a tone of pictures and met some lovely people (Koreans, Chinese, French, and Malaysians). After resting for 30 minutes at a cute coffee shop, I made my way to Seoul Museum of Art. I was so exhausted from the heat and the walking I did earlier that I didn’t even look at the exhibits. I just sat in the “rest area” and skyped a friend.

After an hour of talking and resting, I went back to the university district (idae/이대) because I really wanted to see and take pictures of Yonsei University. Getting to Yonsei took longer than I expected because I kept getting lost but I was able to find it with the help of some nice locals. The campus was so pretty and I wish I had more time to explore it but I had to leave because I was meeting Hailey (my friend who came to pick me up at the airport) in Hongdae. Once I met Hailey, we walked around Hongdae for a while and then we decided to grab a bite at a popular restaurant that served western style foods. Later we went to a coffee shop that recently opened in Hongdae called You Are Here Cafe, by Eatyourkimchi and talktomeinkorean (youtubers). After enjoying some yummy macarons and a lovely conversation, we headed home.

At my hostel, I met some very nice and helpful Taiwanese tourists who were also leaving Korea the next day and offered to go to the bus station together. I gladly accepted since I didn’t want to get lost or miss my flight again. The next day  we said goodbye to the hostel’s manager and some of the employees and we made our way to the bus station. Since they were going to Gimpo airport and had missed the bus to the airport, they had to take the subway so we quickly said goodbye. At the airport, I met Hailey for the last time before catching my flight to Taipei.

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