Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea (Day 3)

On my third day in Seoul, Esra (my roommate from Turkey) and I spent the morning shopping for gifts  in Namdaemun Market. I wanted to buy so many things but I didn’t have space left in my luggage and I also didn’t want to be broke during my trip to Taipei, Taiwan which was a few days away. After a brief rest at the market’s “food court” for about half an hour, Esra and I split up for the day; she continue shopping while I went back to Namsan Park to visit the Hanok village since I didn’t get to go last time. At the Park, I met a French family of Guadeloupian origin and we had a pleasant conversation (in French). They were visiting Seoul from Paris and seemed to be having a good time in Seoul. They were a bit confused about me speaking French since I told them that I was visiting Seoul from the US. I explained to them that I am Congolese-American but I spent some time in Congo and Belgium prior to moving to the US (French is spoken in both countries) and this seemed to have eased their confusion.

After walking around the village, I decided to have a traditional Korean cultural experience. I bought a ticket (for $3.50) at the cultural center where I tried on a hanbok (Korean Traditional dress). Later I decided to go visit Ewha Woman’s University. When I got out of the subway station, I realized that I was starving and decided to get some delicious and cheap street food. While I was eating, I met a very cool young Korean guy with whom I had a very nice conversation (in English). He asked me tones of questions regarding Korea, US, and  Africa; he was very interesting!


I ended up meting three female French tourists at Ewha, two were of Guadaloupean origin and one was of Hispanic origin. They were super nice and we had a great conversation. They were telling me about their trip, about their love of Kpop, and everything in between. It was getting dark and we were hungry so we decided to crab food in Hongdae, the heart of Seoul’s youth culture. Walking around Hongdae was super fun! There was a lot to do such as shopping, eating, listening and watching performances which made it almost impossible to get bored. Shopping in Hongdae was super cheap! I got a pair of super cute heels for $10! Oh how I wished I had more space in my luggage and more money! After our shopping spree, the girls and I grabbed dinner at a local restaurant and we walked around for a while before going home.


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