Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea (Day 2)

On my second day  in Seoul one of my roommates (Esra from Turkey) and I decided to go to Namsan Park to see Seoul Tower. I was very happy to go sightseeing with her because she was a great navigator and taught me how not to get lost on the subway.

It was so nice walking around and taking the subway while doing some people watch. I was specially mesmerized by the lovely fashion depicted by many young Koreans, I couldn’t help but stare away. I’ve always been a fan of Korean fashion but seeing it “live,” so to speak, was pretty nice and I kept thinking that I wish I could have brought a bigger luggage so that I could do some major shopping. After about 20 minutes of riding on the subway we made it to Namsan Park. We could see the top of Seoul Tower from the Park and we thought that it was close enough for us to walk there but we were greatly mistaken!!

The way up to Seoul Tower was very brutal due to the heat, the humidity, steep flats of stairs, and the never ending unwinding of the mountain! We seriously thought that we were going to die but the gorgeous view of the city from the top kept us going. After 2 hours of climbing, we finally reached the top! Seeing Seoul Tower felt unreal because I’ve seen it in the many Korean Dramas I’ve watched and I just couldn’t believe wit was in front of me. We spent most of time on the grounds of the Tower because we didn’t want to pay to go to the observation platform. We ended up taking photos of ourselves in Hanboks (Korean traditional dresses), watch a few performance, and did some people watch become going back down by bus (you can also use cable cars to go up and down the tower).

Later Esra and I parted ways for the day since we both had appointments with our friends. Before she left, Esra reminded me one last time how to get back to the hostel. I made it to the right exit but I took a wrong turn and got for like 20 minutes. I asked around and I was told that I need to go the opposite direction. Unfortunately I was running super late so I wasn’t able to meet up with my friend later that day. I didn’t want to sit in my hostel room, so I decided to explore the neighborhood. I found a lovely restaurant where I had some Italian seafood spaghetti accompanied with a few glasses of a very popular sweet Korean plum liquor… so good!!

It was raining when I left the restaurant, so I decided to go a nearby movie theater and ended up watching an action/ comedy Korean movie called “The Pirates” (바다로 간 산적) without English subtitles. I’ve been studying Korean for a while (off and on) so I wasn’t too lost during the movie because the dialogue wasn’t complex. After the movie was finished, I went to a nearby coffee shop and had dessert. Later I went to Cheonggyecheon Stream which was nearby and meet 3 very cool young Koreans and talked to them for a while. A few hours later we called it a night and we all went home.

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