Travel Diary: Seoul, Korea (Day 1)

After a pleasant straight 12 hours flight from San Francisco International Airport to Incheon International Airport, I arrived in Seoul, Korea on Aug 9th! I couldn’t believe it and I was super exited to meet my friend (Hailey) who lives there and to explore the city! After clearing through customs, I meet up with her and we took the subway to my hostel (Yellow Brick Hostel 2).

The ride on the subway felt very weird since every thing was new and I was so exhausted that I sometimes didn’t know what was happening^^. An hour and a half later I checked in my hostel and met some of my roommates, (my room was a 6 bed female dorm with a shared bathroom and it was super cute).

After settling down Hailey and I went to grab some food near by. We ended up eating at a this cute little restaurant that was super cheap! our meal costed $7 for the both of us and the portion was fairly big (not American big but it was big enough for us to get full and not finish everything). After that we walked back to my hostel where we parted ways for the day and I went straight to bed.


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