Travel Dairy: Vancouver, BC

During my visit in Seattle, my friends suggested we take a trip to Vancouver, BC.. My adventure in Canada didn’t start in Vancouver but in Richmond. We went to the Richmond Night Market to taste some awesome Asian food. We tried street foods from various countries and interacted with the locals. Although we only spent an hour and half there, it was still very fun! After we left the market, we went straight to our rental apartment which was located in Chinatown.

The next day, we went on a mini tour of the city. We visited GranVille Island, Gastown and Yaletown. After our fun but exhausting adventure in the city, we decided to spend the rest of day at home. We cooked dinner and watched a couples movies before calling it a night. On our second day, we went on a bike tour of Stanley Park. The tour was very interesting but biking up this mountainous park was a struggle. I was having the hardest time keeping up with the group and I started contemplating quitting before things got worse. I didn’t think I would make it to the top but I pushed through the pain and somehow managed to reach the mountain peek. We ended our day by visiting Shannon falls which are located in Squamish, BC. On our last day, we did some shopping and had lunch in downtown. It was a great way to explore and admire this beautiful city before saying goodbye.




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